Lyon Cut Parker Cuoio


Sneaker in tan-colored washed goatskin, with leather lace, rope midsole with light micro white tread.

: Wash goat

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Made in Italy

LagoaWorld rope sole footwear creations are a perfect blend between Italian shoe-making tradition and a fresh cosmopolitan feel.

Our style is perfect for all those of you who seek quality and pay attention to every detail while also discovering new trends and experimenting the combinations of different styles.

Hand made

Each LagoaWorld rope sole shoe is stitched with a particular stitching technique for attaching the upper to the sole in a more resilient and durable way.

Glues Free

Nature drives our inspiration and we want our LagoaWorld consistently keep their environmental vibe. This is why we do not make use of glues or chemicals on our footwear.

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Lyon Cut Parker Cuoio

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